Alberta Mounted Shooters Association Rules

The Alberta Mounted Shooters Association invites you to inform yourself:

As a recognized CMSA affiliate we follow the CMSA Rule Book with the exceptions of our Canadian gun laws and youth shooters.

***We recently received an email from the CFO, clarifying the need for Mounted Shooters to have Authorization To Transport (ATT) for their firearms:


Good morning

The question whether mounted shooters still required Authorizations to Transport has become a common one & as a result,  I thought it best to address this matter in writing to each of the mounted shooting groups located within Alberta.  I would ask that you please share this information with your members.

As of September 2, 2015, individuals with restricted or prohibited firearms may have become eligible to have conditions attached to a firearms licence for certain routine and lawful transportation purposes.

The legislative change has no impact on the Mounted Shooting ATT's. 

Participants will still need ATT's for each mounted shooting club they are a member of. 

If, on Sept 2, 2015, you possessed a VALID ATT to transport a firearm to/from a shooting club or range for the purposes of target practice (aka live fire), the following conditions were added to your licence:

These licence conditions authorize the transport of restricted and/or prohibited firearms registered to the licence holder within their province of residence by the most direct route possible for specific indicated purposes.

  1. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited handguns (12(6.1) of the Firearms Act) possessed for the purpose of target practice to and from all shooting clubs and ranges approved under section 29 of the Firearms Act.
  2. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from any place a peace officer, firearms officer of Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) is located for verification, registration or disposal in accordance with the Firearms Act or Part III of the Criminal Code.
  3. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise prohibited or restricted firearms.
  4. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a gun show.
  5. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to a port of exit, in order to take them outside Canada and from a port of entry.
  6. Transportation of newly acquired restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms from the place of acquisition to the licence holder's dwelling house or other place authorized by the CFO.

If an individual wants to transport his/her firearm(s) for any reason outside of these certain conditions, an ATT must be requested from the chief firearms office from the province where he/she resides.  For example, you are moving to a new residence, OR storing your firearms at a location other than your dwelling house, OR taking a firearm that you just sold to the buyers house, OR a member of a mounted shooting or historical re-enactment group, you will need an ATT for each of these reasons.

The Alberta Chief Firearms Office still requires each mounted shooting member to obtain LT ATT's under the auspices of their respective mounted shooting club(s).  The LT ATT's for mounted shooting are still issued for 5 years or up to the licence holders expiry date (whichever is first) but we are now allowing for transport to BC, AB, SK & MB.  The task of issuing the LT ATT's has been shifted to our Central Processing Site, CFO Services Unit located in Miramichi, NB.  If you require an updated mounted shooting LT ATT, members must still provide each club membership.  Requests can be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As a side note, the rules for non-residents attending mounted shooting events also remains unchanged. I have attached the required documents (Non-Resident ATT Application, Non-Resident Declaration & Continuation Sheet & the Safe Storage, Transportation pamphlet) in the event you are asked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Kind Regards,

Erin Honeyman

Operations Coordinator/Coordonatrice aux opérations

Alberta & NWT CFO

Canadian Firearms Program/Programme canadien des armes à feu

Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Gendarmerie royale du Canada

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